martedì 15 marzo 2016


The Fruitmarket Gallery
45 Market Street - Edinburgh
12/3/2016 - 5/6/2016

This exhibition by Glasgow-based artist Sara Barker (born in Manchester in 1980) presents two sequences of new work made specially for The Fruitmarket Gallery together with a small number of existing works.
Sara Barker works on the boundary between sculpture, painting and drawing. Since beginning to exhibit her work in 2004, she has developed a visual language of paint, steel, aluminium, brass and glass; and a way of working which is meditative, focusing on memory, individual perception, and a blurring of line and colour.
With its combination of new and existing work, this exhibition offers the opportunity to spend time learning the language of Barker’s art, enjoying how her objects change in relation both to you and to each other as you walk around and among them.
The exhibition is called CHANGE-THE-SETTING. This title is meant to function like a stage direction, invoking a situation in which one element can be changed to allow the others to recombine in a different way.

We are delighted to publish a new monograph which charts the development of Sara Barker’s visual language from its earliest beginnings. The book includes new writing from curator and writer Katharine Stout and Novelist Ali Smith. Available to buy here.

Exhibition and publication produced in collaboration with IKON, Birmingham.